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Free Guided Tours of St Patrick's Cathedral
10AM & 3PM

Prayer has been offered at this place for centuries. In the fifth century, Saint Patrick used a nearby well to baptise converts to Christianity. A small church was built, marking it as a sacred place near the heart of Dublin. The present building dates from 1220 and has seen wars, revolutions, and a reformation. Today the Cathedral continues to welcome new generations from all the nations of the world.


Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland, a member church of the Anglican Communion. It is a living church, with services and events taking place every day. The Cathedral is a microcosm of Irish history, filled with uniquely inspiring stories.


Join us on a guided tour of the Cathedral with one of our expert Cathedral Guides, where you can hear these stories told, as they have been for 800 years. From knights to saints, and music to architecture, there is something to inspire everybody who comes to discover our story.

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