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Derry Film Video Workshop

IMMA Gallery Tour exploring the work of the Derry Video and Film Workshop

Culture Date with Dublin 8 programme at IMMA

Saturday 11 - Sunday 12 May 2.30pm

Location IMMA, Royal Hospital, Military Road, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Meeting point Matheson Creativity Hub

Join a gallery tour of the exhibition We realised the power of it that deals with the history and archive of the radical film collective, Derry Film and Video Workshop (DFVW). DFVW was a woman-led film production company established in Derry in 1983 that operated until 1990. Its members, most of whom had no prior experience of filmmaking, came together with a sense of urgency to make films addressing overlapping political tensions around gender, class, the Irish national question and legacies of colonialism.

Saturday 11 - Sunday 12 May 2.30pm

Phoenix Park deer illustration John Rooney