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Pat Liddy Walking Tours along The Grand Canal

image: Pat Liddy Walking Tours at Culture Date with Dublin 8, 2017

Over the Culture Date with Dublin 8 weekend, Pat Liddy is hosting 4 guided walking tours each taking place along The Grand Canal in Inchicore and its neighbouring sights and local institutions.

Pat Liddy, a Dubliner by birth (1944), has always been fascinated by the history, the natural environment and the architecture of his native city. As an artist Pat has, since the 1970s, occupied a considerable amount of time travelling around the city-centre sketching and painting the architectural highlights of the city as well as hidden corners or the more neglected areas. He is currently involved in running a large walking tour company, Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours of Dublin, which brings thousands of visitors annually to many of the famous as well as the not so well-known quarters of the city.

There are two different tours to take with Pat across the Culture Date with Dublin 8 weekend where you will discover the origins of the grand Canal, its planned importance to the 18th century economy that which was never realised, and its original route that is now filled in. The pleasant walk along its banks will bring you the historic cemetery opened by Daniel O'Connell as the country's first non-denominational graveyard. You will also see the restored buildings of all that is left of Richmond Barracks, the one-time detention centre for all of the 1916 insurgents. On Sunday the walk will also visit the National War Memorial, the biggest and arguably the most beautiful of its kind in either Ireland or Britain.


These tours are kindly sponsored by Waterways Ireland.

On a regular basis Pat also leads historic walks in the popular Walk & Talk series, an initiative of Dublin City Council.


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