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Programme Highlight - The Phoenix Park Magazine Fort Tours

Tours of the Magazine Fort are taking place over the Culture Date with Dublin 8 weekend on Sunday 20th May.

This tour grants you access to a number of areas within the Fort including one of the magazines and two viewing platforms where you will have the opportunity to watch the conservation work as it happens and see the archaeologist unearth the 18th century drainage networks or the raised oak floors with timber dowels in the Magazine.

The Magazine Fort was an ammunitions storage depot and was built in 1734 to a French star fort design, with additions in the 19th century to accommodate military families, and a bakery shed in the 20th century to feed the soldiers.

The Magazine Fort is strategically sited on St Thomas Hill, off the Military Road, and close to the Islandbridge Gate. It was built in 1734 -1736 to the design of John Corneille, to store gun powder and ammunition for British Government Forces. One third of the British Army was stationed in Ireland and was regularly rotated around the Empire. The Fort was raided on two occasions: Easter Monday 1916 and the 23rd of December 1939.

For those of you who have not been able to book tickets for the Magazine Fort for the Culture Date with Dublin 8 weekend tours of the Magazine Fort also take place throughout the year every Sunday from the 29th April – to the end of October 2018 - 10.00am, 12.00pm & 2.00pm, you can find out more about how to book online on the Phoenix Park website here.


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