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We’re delighted to have Richmond Barracks as one of our venues this year! Richmond Barracks was re-opened as a museum just last year as part of the centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising.

Richmond Barracks was built in 1810 to counter a Napoleonic invasion, and nearly every British Regiment would spend time at Richmond Barracks fighting in conflicts including the Crimean War, the Boer War, and World War 1.

These buildings were a key site for many significant events in Ireland’s national history, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the 1916 Rising.

After the 1916 Easter Rising, Richmond Barracks would become a centrepiece in the fight for Irish Independence, housing over 3,000 suspected rebels before their sentencing. When the site was turned over to the Free State Army in 1922, it remained a keystone of working class Dublin, hosting a housing estate and a Christian Brothers’ School.

Richmond Barracks is now an award winning unique visitor attraction. The barrack rooms contain outstanding exhibitions relating to the fascinating history and heritage of the buildings from their time as a military barracks, school, and housing estate.

The Mess café run by The Green Kitchen serves delicious, hearty and homemade breakfast and lunches for the visitors.

As part of our series of events, Assembly, a touring installation from In Flanders Fields Museum which commemorates casualties of the First World War, will be launched at 5pm Saturday, 13th May.

Accompanying the exhibition at Richmond Barracks is Voices of Memory, a sound art installation by Christina Kubisch. The installation is a contemporary remembrance of the more than 49,000 Irish people who died in the First World War, and there will also extracts from Memorial Records 1914-1918 on display. Consisting of eight volumes, these records, beautifully designed and illustrated by Irish artist Harry Clarke.

Advance booking is required, please book here.

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