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Today we're throwing the spotlight on our graphic designer for this years Culture Date with Dublin 8.

John has not stopped drawing things ever since he was the tender age of 3. Born in Derry, Northern Ireland, he is a graduate of University of Ulster, Belfast with an Honours degree in Visual Communication.

Ever since moving to Dublin in 2008 he has been freelancing for a vast array of clients from corporate to personal and exhibiting works in a number of gallery spaces.

He has held such important positions as head illustrator for the BLOCK T Studio Collective and lead designer for the prestigious Marsh’s Library, before deciding to go full-time freelance in 2016.

His art is inspired by interesting people, nature and wildlife, architecture, cult films, comic books, 1980’s cartoons and those big space ships from Star Wars.

He does not plan to stop drawing anytime soon.

Working on the design brief for Culture Date with Dublin 8 John says..

"My good friend Grace who I used to work with in BLOCK T Studios and got in touch with me about this job some time ago. I was really excited about this project because I was living in Dublin 8 at the time and thought it would be a great opportunity to do lots of nice illustrations for the area I was living in.

We decided it would be exciting and different to draw the festival map in a bit of a treasure map style. We had a lot of fun coming up with and drawing the many little characters hidden throughout. Look closely and you'll find them.

The idea was to have the logo shaped as the number 8 and incorporate all the multicultural elements of the festival within, such as the institution buildings themselves, Phoenix Park, wildlife, music and family. I managed to squeeze in as much as I could - it wasn't easy.

Overall we tried to give Culture Date with Dublin 8 a colourful, welcoming and multicultural feel through the illustrations and design. I really hope it helps bring in a lot of people to these fantastic institutions in this lovely area. I'm very much looking forward to attending and seeing people trying to find their way through Dublin 8 with my map."

John can be found at www.johnrooneyillustration.com

You can see some more examples of John's work below...

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