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 Creative Arts Courses Showcase 2023 & Architectural Tour 


Graduate Show: 10AM - 3PM 

Architectural Tour: 3PM

No Booking Required

 Creative Arts Courses Showcase 2023

Inchicore College of Further Education Creative Arts Courses Showcase 2023.


Saturday, May 13, 2023.


Inchicore College of Further Education is proud to present this exhibition of work created by the talented students of Art and Design, Costume Design, Furniture Design and Creative Writing. This work has been created over the past one to two years as the students develop their creative practices and it demonstrates the extremely high standards they have achieved.


The students of Art and Design will present drawing, painting, sculpture, metalcraft design and printmaking that reflects their individual creative process.


The Costume design students will be showing the amazing theatre costumes they have designed and constructed along with their portfolios of design drawing and theatrical hair and make-up design. The highlight of their exhibition will be the period costumes they have made to exact historical detail. 


The Furniture Design students will be showing work that demonstrates the traditional joinery skills they have developed along with examples of their own original and contemporary designs. 


The students of Creative Writing will be launching their book - a collection of their writing –  encompassing prose fiction and non-fiction, poetry and script writing, and this will be available to purchase.


The Exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday, May 13th from 10.00am until 3.00pm and there will be students on hand to guide visitors. So, drop in anytime during the day and see (and read) the work of the next generation of creatives.


Entrance Free. Wheelchair Accessible. 

inchicore college showcase 2023.jpg


Inchicore College of Further Education.

Building Designed by Andy Devane. Opened 1958 as Emmet Road Technical School.


Saturday, May 13th. This is a rare chance to come in and view the interiors of this iconic building in Inchicore. Many people will be familiar with the building’s distinctive frontage onto Emmet Road, with its tiers of steps and landings reminiscent of the work of American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Less familiar will be the light filled interiors with timber panelled walls, decorative terrazzo floors, the beautiful use of materials and space. Despite modifications over the years, Devane’s vision shows through, and, in its continued living functionality, the building is a testament to the goals of modernism. 


There will be a number of guided tours of selected spaces within the building, led by a college staff member who will talk, not just about the architectural features of the building, but will also relate how the building continues to work for the students who study there.  


The tour will focus mainly on the ground floor which is wheelchair accessible. The tour may include access to stairs and first floor which are not wheelchair accessible. Entrance is free. 

Tour starts at 3pm.

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